Christine Laginess
Special Order Samples

The Process 
   1.  Email the following to
          a.  a photo of your family, or friends 
          b.  the dimensions of the finished piece   
          c.  half of the payment (credit card or check) to:

                      Christine Laginess
                      4458 Country View Lane
                       Milford, MI 48380
2.  Artwork is created and the image is emailed to you for your approval.
​3. Selection of color and texture for the border and any other specific colors are decided.   Select a color for each person's hair from the color chart.

5. The fun begins!  The piece is created from clay, the image drawn, the border stamped, and the feet attached.  It is fired for the first time in a kiln to 1850F.
6. After the firing, the piece is called bisque.  The bisque is painted with a ceramic material, underglaze, which is applied just like paint.
8. After the second firing, the form is coated with a clear glaze.  This clear glaze protects the surface, causes the colors to be brighter and makes the object food safe. 
9. The plate undergoes its third and final firing, this time reaching a temperature of  2270 F.   At this temperature the ceramic material becomes stoneware, making the ceramic piece stronger and chip resistant.
7. The painted bisque is fired for a second time in a kiln to 1850F.
10. The finished plate.  Ready to be hung.
4. Upon approval of the artwork the balance due is sent by check or credit card.
There are many steps in the process and at any one of these steps, things can go wrong!  Pieces can get broken, colors can change and any number of problems can occur.  So be sure to order in plenty of time to allow for errors and remakes!